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Initial Steps to France

VanGogh details


Phew, a whirlwind, on Tuesday at muse d’Orsay With a group artists, the tour organizer and lead artist are busy trying to lead and track and it’s rather like marshalling little ( maybe not so little) blobs of mercury that have a will of their own.
We had an elegant lunch here today, dining in all its splendour in mirrored, gold guilded surroundings and frescoes on the ceilings.
And the original art work is overwhelming, so much talent and history in such magnificent large and small paintings. We are even permitted to take photos. Images of the paintings are available online on many sites, therefore, I am concentrating on the closeups of techniques and stroke effects, can’t get much more inspiring than this.
I think it’s going to be on my perpetual calendar to come back and soak it in again.

We are off to a rabbit warren art shop just down the road ( hmmm, distance by whose standards) and then to a paint shop which at onetime mixed and provided paints to the impressionist artists, they were the first to have access to tubed paint with caps which enabled them to more easily carry their paints, canvases and easels out into nature to paint.
Followed up by a stop at cathedrale Notre -Dame de Paris.
An hours rest at the hotel and we were off to dinner on a vehicle free court where the preferred seating is alfresco, food is delicious and of course the wine flows freely.